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In this post, you will learn the top 20 tips to prevent IVDD episodes. When you get an IVDD diagnosis it becomes clear very quickly that you need to look at better ways to manage daily life with your IVDD dog. Also, if you have a dog that has not been diagnosed with IVDD but […] Read more

Free Download | DAILY WELLNESS CHART: Track Medications, Supplements, Laser Therapy, Exercise Etc. Daily Supplements I use for Isabella: Isabella’s current weight is 16.2 lbs. Love Bugs (probiotic) 1/8 Tsp daily Actistatin Joint Supplement – 2 small dog chews daily w meals Phyto Synergy (phytoplankton) 1/16 Tsp every other day. Currently have taken this out […] Read more

# 1 Joint Supplement for Isabella When it comes to choosing a joint supplement for your dog it can be overwhelming. Most of the time you are just out there on your own trying this one or that one to see what will work best for your dog. That is exactly what happened to us. […] Read more