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Our Journey with IVDD | From Kibble to Fresh Food

I’m so excited you are visiting us!  If you are here I know you are highly motivated to create optimal health for your dog!

If you’re new to Cherished Hound I’m Wendy and my Cherished Hound is Isabella. That’s her above in the header image. Pretty girl!

Choose fresh food for your dog vs kibble

From Kibble to Fresh Food! Yay!

Tips To Create a Healthy Dog

Cherished Hound is a dog health blog based on personal experience and many well-spent hours of research around creating optimal health for my dog.

My goal is to educate you on managing an IVDD diagnosis and show you how you can prevent IVDD episodes.  With the end goal of creating optimal health for your cherished hound.

Who is this blog for?

Cherished Hound is for dog owners who want to create optimal health for their dogs by taking control of their dog’s health.

Cherished Hound will educate dog owners on:

    • Preventing IVDD episodes
    • Managing an IVDD diagnosis
    • Conservative treatments like laser therapy
    • Healthy diet choices & lifestyle changes

With the ultimate goal of creating optimal health for your dog and mine!

Use ramps to prevent IVDD episodes

Use ramps to prevent IVDD episodes

What will you get from Cherished Hound?

It’s my hope you will save time and frustration, as we have been there, done that. Above all Cherished Hound will motivate you to look for things you can realistically implement to create an optimally healthy and happy dog.

Why a dog health blog with an IVDD focus?

Learning how to deal with an IVDD diagnosis takes a lot of time and energy (mental and physical), I know first hand. Because it is an emotional time it can be difficult to weed through some of the great articles scattered across a lot of different sites.

Furthermore, it is time-consuming. That was ok, but it took a long time to sort out! To be honest, following many different sites, hoping for an IVDD article now and then was a little frustrating.

The goal is to help you reduce your valuable time, by providing you with focused clear articles, illustrative helpful guides, and tips you can put into practice right away!

My Cherished Hound

dachshund dog on sofa

Cherished Hound

Isabella is a 14-year-old Miniature Dachshund. She was diagnosed with IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) in August 2017.

In hindsight, I believe she had been dealing with IVDD for several years, prior to being diagnosed. It was not yet clear it was IVDD, as the symptoms were subtle for a time, in some respects (when compared to your dog having no pain sensation in their hind legs and being paralyzed) and mimicked other possible causes.

She has recovered now from two major IVDD episodes (using conservative treatment vs. surgery) and is doing very well.

Her condition is still there and always will be. As a result, I am proactively managing the degenerative disease with successful IVDD protocols that work for us, healthy diet choices, and lifestyle changes.

Things you can look forward to from Cherished Hound

Finally, I am not a veterinarian or a canine nutritionist. I’m a devoted dog mom and blogger, who loves her dog!

Therefore, all the content on this site is based on personal experience on what has worked for us.

Most noteworthy, the goal is to share the best of what I have learned in caring for my dog, so you can enhance the health of yours!

Check out our blog post: Most effective joint supplement for Dogs: Actistatin®.

For that reason, the things I will be blogging about will be topics I have personal experience with, have done research on as well as the things I have learned from my “trusted” experts in the dog health community.

creating optimal health for your dog, cherished hound at shubie park

Isabella the Cherished Hound

Please Share With Us!

As a dog lover, I’m passionate about the optimal health and well being of my dog and yours! I feel we are on this journey together in our shared experiences. So let’s keep caring and sharing!

We love hearing from you! Feel free to share tips and suggestions and please ask questions. Thanks again!

Warmest Regards,
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