This page contains complete and balanced meal recipes & some natural remedies for dogs. I feed a raw fresh food diet. In order to achieve balance over time, it is important to rotate a minimum of 3 proteins. I try not to feed more than 50% chicken. Chicken is high in omega 6’s which can be pro-inflammatory.  Therefore it is important to keep this in check in a feeding schedule over time, so it’s not more than 50% of the total diet.

Feed a Fresh, Nutritionally Complete, Species Appropriate Diet to prevent IVDD episodes

Feed a Fresh, Nutritionally Complete, Species Appropriate Diet to prevent IVDD episodes

Fish recipes, I choose to feed cooked. I cook fish because raw fish contains an enzyme (thiaminase) which can break down vitamin B1, causing vitamin B1 deficiency. Vitamin B is highly important for your dog. Cooking the fish eliminates this enzyme and removes the risk of creating a deficiency.

The More Variety the Better

Variety and Rotation are the Keys to Balance

Things I Rotate:

  1. Proteins – a minimum of 3
  2. Recipes
  3. Multi-mineral and Vitamin Supplements
  4. Brands – of commercially prepared raw food and supplements

I rotate homemade recipes that don’t require a multivitamin and mineral supplement in order to be balanced with recipes that do require a multivitamin and mineral supplement.  And I rotate Isabella’s proteins, 3  minimum. I also use some commercially prepared raw food which helps out a little on meal prep.  I’m finding as time goes by the amount of commercial prepared raw food I’m buying is shrinking.

The recipes that don’t require a supplement to be balanced have more whole food ingredients that fill in the blanks of the required minerals and vitamins. You may have heard the term “Balance Over Time”,  I use this method of feeding, it works great for us. I also give daily supplements.

Note: Daily supplements are different from a multi-mineral & vitamin supplement. Daily supplements are just that, daily supplements. They should be given daily. A multivitamin and mineral supplement is used to balance homemade recipes or to balance your dog’s diet.

On my trusted resources page, you will find two multivitamin and mineral supplements I rotate in recipes. They are Hilary’s Blend and Meal Mix.  Meal Mix was formulated by Dr. Karen Becker for Mercola Healthy Pets.  Dr. Becker is one of my primary trusted resources.  So, I have complete confidence in using Meal Mix to balance Isabella’s recipes.

Daily Supplements I use for Isabella:

  1. Love Bugs (probiotic) 1/8 Tsp daily
  2. Actistatin Joint Supplement – 2 soft chews daily with meals
  3. Phyto Synergy (phytoplankton) 1/16 Tsp every other day
  4. Jamieson’s Omega 3’s – dogs need 150 mg of combined EPA/DHA per 10 lbs of body weight daily (as per Mary Strauss – Dogaware). This was affirmed by Dr. Karen Becker in facebook live in September 2018.
  5.  Vitamin E – 30 IU daily (I give 100 IU capsule every 3 days) you can read more from Mary Strauss at Dogaware regarding recommendations on IU’s per lb.

For more detailed information on daily supplements please see my supplement page.

Easy Raw Chicken Recipe | Adult Dogs

40 kcals/oz
Makes 5.4 lbs of food
Prep Time2 hrs 30 mins
Keyword: complete and balanced recipes for dogs
Calories: 40kcal


  • 1.5 lbs

    Chicken Wings Raw

    grind; don’t cook, cooked bones should never be fed to dogs

  • 2 lbs Chicken Breast Raw
  • 6 oz Chicken Hearts
  • 6 oz Beef Liver
  • 4 oz Zucchini
  • 3 oz Blueberries
  • 2 cans Sardines in Water
  • 3 oz Oysters Canned
  • 1 oz Flax Seed
  • 1 oz Pumpkin Seeds
  • 2 tsp Basil
  • 1/2 tsp Kelp Powder


  • Measure out all the dry ingredients and combine: flax seed, pumpkin seeds, basil and kelp. Grind pumpkin seeds in a coffee grinder.
  • Open sardines and oysters and add to the dry ingredient mixture, evenly combine. Set aside in the fridge.
  • Wash weigh and finely dice or puree zucchini and blueberries add to mixture. Put back in the fridge.

Meat Preparation

  • Weigh out all the protein chicken wings, chicken breast, chicken hearts and beef liver.
  • Put the chicken wings in the freezer to lightly freeze in preparation for going through the meat grinder and any of the other meat that you will grind.
  • Grind the chicken wings in a meat grinder (I like to double grind) I prefer to grind all the meat. You can however choose to finely chop the other meat components.
  • Grind the chicken wings and other meat.

Combine all ingredients evenly to ensure ingredients are well distributed . Keep enough for 2 day's in the fridge and freeze remainder for up to 4 weeks.


    This is a great well-rounded recipe that does not require a multi-mineral and vitamin supplement. This recipe was formulated by Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib. Thank you to both of them! Share it with your friends it's one we really enjoy. 
    You will need a meat grinder for this recipe to grind the raw chicken wings.  You will need a coffee grinder to grind the pumpkin seeds. 

    Raw Beef Recipe | Adult Dogs

    34 kcal/oz | Makes approx. 5 lbs of food
    As fed: 17% protein, 5% fat, 2% ash, 74% moisture, 1% fibre
    Dry Matter: 67% protein, 19% fat, 7% Ash, 2% fibre
    Prep Time2 hrs
    Calories: 34kcal


    • 3 lbs raw beef steak (lean cut/cut away any extra fat)
    • 1/2 lb raw beef flank steak (fat left on)
    • 0.40 lbs raw beef liver
    • 3/4 lb raw strawberries
    • 1/2 lb raw zucchini
    • 50 g sunflower seeds raw, unsalted
    • 13 g eggshell powder bone meal may be used instead; see notes below
    • 6 g green lipped mussel powder
    • 3.75 oz sardines 1 tin; not drained
    • 2 oz canned tuna drained
    • 3 g dried basil
    • 3 g dried parsley


    • Measure out dry ingredients and grind sunflower seeds using a coffee grinder; combine evenly
      grind dry ingredients with coffee grinder
    • Mince/ or finely dice the strawberries & zucchini using food processor
      pureed fruit and vegetable for beef recipe adult dogs
    • Combine dry ingredients, strawberries, zucchini, canned tuna and sardines
      add sardines and tuna for beef recipe adult dogs
    • Weigh raw meet and cut into 1 inch cubes; place in freezer to partially freeze to prepare for grinding in a meat grinder (partially frozen meat goes through easier!)
      beef steak and liver ingredients for beef recipe adult dogs
    • Combine all ingredients, serve freeze and portion
      ground beef and other ingredients for beef recipe for adult dogs


    This is one of the recipes I like to use in Isabella's rotation that does not require a multi-mineral and vitamin supplement. It is one of our favorite go-to recipes we both love it!  I have been using this in her rotation for over a year now and its worked out really great with balancing over time.  For us, this recipe lasts 11 days.  
    I came across this recipe in one of the facebook groups that I belong too. It was posted by a lady by the name of Tammy Ackerman. Thank You, Tammy! The group is actually "The Dog Cancer Series".  Tammy is one of the Admins for this group. 
    *Eggshell powder can be substituted with bone meal at a rate of 1.5 teaspoons of bone meal per 1 teaspoon of eggshell powder (as per Steve Brown, Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet) For this recipe if you substitute the eggshell powder use 19.5 g of bonemeal in place of the eggshell powder. Ensure you source your bone meal from a reliable vendor; do not use bonemeal that is used in the garden! There are two brands of bonemeal that I have used and would recommend they are NOW and KAL.
    Dry ingredients for raw beef steak recipe for dogs

    Dry ingredients for raw beef steak recipe for dogs

    I prefer to grind my meat but it’s not necessary depending on your preference and what you think your dog will like.
    grind beef steak and liver ingredients for beef recipe adult dogs

    grind beef steak and liver ingredients for beef recipe adult dogs

    It is however important to finely chop/mince the vegetable and fruit content so your dog can digest it easily and benefit from the nutrients. Dogs cannot digest cellulose so it is important to break down the outer wall of vegetable content so they can digest it.  

    Flat Fish / Sole Recipe for Dogs

    Low calorie flatfish/sole. This recipe is a Hilary's Blend recipe.
    Prep Time2 hrs
    Keyword: complete and balanced recipes for dogs, fish recipes for dogs, hilarys blend recipes for dogs, low calorie recipes for dogs
    Calories: 27kcal


    • 185 grams Blueberries, raw
    • 91 grams Broccoli, raw, chopped finely or pureed, best to use a food processor
    • 110 grams Carrots, raw, grated or pureed, best to use a food processor
    • 101 grams Celery, raw, chopped finely or pureed, best to use a food processor
    • 2 grams Cod liver oil
    • 460 grams Flatfish/sole, cooked lightly pouched (323 grams cooked)
    • 63 grams Honey
    • 18 grams Safflower oil
    • 61 grams Tomato sauce, canned
    • 31 grams Yogurt, plain, low fat
    • 15 grams Hilary's Blend supplement


    • Poach fish until it flakes easily.
      poached sole for Hilary's Blend recipe
    • Pulse blueberries, broccoli, carrots, celery, honey, cod liver oil and safflower oil to small kernels.
      dice veggies for hilarys blend recipe
    • Add Hilary's Blend supplement to the tomato sauce and mix thoroughly.
      hilarys blend supplement
    • Stir all ingredients together. Serve and freeze remaining portions.


    This recipe has 98 kcal/100 grams or 27 kcal/oz.  This recipe is complete and balanced when using Hilary's Blend supplement. 
    I use a food processor to finely mince the broccoli & carrots. Dogs can’t digest cellulose in vegetables. So, it’s important to break the cell wall of the veggies so they are able to get the nutrients from the vegetable content. This recipe is balanced only when Hilary’s Blend Supplement is used and recipe INGREDIENTS and recipe AMOUNTS are followed.
    I choose to (poach) the fish because raw fish contains an enzyme (thiaminase) which can break down vitamin B1, causing vitamin B1 deficiency. Cooking the fish eliminates this enzyme.

    Natural Homemade Tick & Flea Deterrent

    Prep Time10 mins
    Keyword: natural flea deterrent, natural tick deterrent


    • 8 oz Pure Water (filtered)
    • 4 oz Organic, raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegar
    • 10 drops Neem oil is not an essential oil. It's an expelled/pressed oil and it is safe for dogs and cats.


    • Mix/shake ingredients till combined.
      Natural Tick and Flea Deterrent for Dogs


    You can make an all-natural pest deterrent for your dog easily at home. It will help him avoid a good percentage of the pests he encounters. Neem oil is effective because fleas and ticks hate it. It's also great for animals who are very sensitive to smells. 
    I learned about this recipe from Dr. Karen Becker. And she say's that If you want to add some extra bang to your dog's pest recipe, go with five drops of lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus or geranium oil. Dr. Karen Becker likes to use geranium oil quite a bit because she finds it very effective. If you have a dog who comes in contact with ticks, adding the extra punch of one of the essential oils listed can be very beneficial.
    You still need to check your dog daily for ticks no matter what you use for your dog to keep ticks away. 

    Bone Broth (Beef)

    Prep Time15 mins
    Cook Time1 d


    • 5 lbs Beef Marrow Bones you can use a variety or just beef marrow bones (approx. 9 bones)
    • 4 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar raw, unfiltered
    • 4 quarts Water (filtered) enough to cover the bones; water should be about 2 inches over the the bones


    • Optional: you can bake the bones for 30 minutes to brown for extra flavour and a clearer broth.
    • Fill a 5 Quart slow cooker with filtered water and add 4 tbs of apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar is an important ingredient as it enhances the pulling of the minerals from the bones.
    • Add beef bones to the slow cooker filled with water and set on high for about 1 hour and then turn to medium and cook for 24 hours.
    • When finished cooking, remove bones and strain to remove any small fragments. Store in fridge till the fat rises to the top and the liquid turns to a gelatin. Remove fat. Portion and freeze.
      Bone Broth


    Image captions:
    Quad 1: Broth is started 
    Quad 2: Cooking about 6 hours 
    Quad 3: Cooking 24 hours now a  beautiful “liquid gold”
    Quad 4: broth turned to Gelatin & Fat hardened on the top for very easy removal & disposal. Portion, freeze & enjoy!
    Bone Broth: contains chondroitin which is found in the cartilage of animals. Bone broth is an excellent whole food to feed your dog to support joint health.
    There aren’t many foods that are high in chondroitin or glucosamine. Choosing a good joint supplement that has both is usually the best way to add this to your dog’s diet. 

    About the author: Wendy Haines is a dog health blogger and devoted dog mom with 12 years of experience creating optimal health for her dog. Wendy’s goal is to help fellow dog owners manage an IVDD diagnosis, prevent IVDD episodes, make healthy diet choices and lifestyle changes with the goal of creating optimal health for your dog!

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