Why Choose Fresh Food vs. Kibble?

Blog Series Introduction: I will answer this question for you in this blog series. Why choose fresh food vs. kibble (raw vs. kibble) for my dog? This is a question discerning pet parents are asking more and more. And for good reasons! Above all, you want to make the best choices for your dog. After all, they are family! So, we want to feed them like family.

But that is hard to do when there is conflicting and misleading information out there. Some of this information would lead trusting pet parents to believe choosing raw vs. kibble or fresh vs. kibble, is not the best choice. On the other hand, it would lead them to believe that choosing a highly-processed diet is what’s best. It can also paint the picture, that feeding your dog the same thing every day for their entire life is best! But unfortunately, these things aren’t true.

Therefore it is very challenging, to say the least, for pet parents to make decisions on what a species-appropriate, nutritionally complete diet is for their dogs. So pet parents, have a hard time deciding on exactly why they should choose a fresh food diet.

fresh is best vs. kibble

Choose fresh ingredients for a healthy, species-appropriate, nutritionally complete diet.

Abruptly Clear to Me!

Choose Fresh Food vs. Kibble (raw vs. kibble)

Five years ago it became abruptly clear to me that I could no longer feed my dog kibble. I was one of those trusting pet parents who believed the marketing hype and recommendations from our veterinarian (at the time), what was best to feed my dog. Plus the simple fact of it is I was not aware or informed.

My eyes and heart were cracked wide open at 2 AM one night when I had to rush Isabella to the emergency vet. I have not looked back. Only forward!

It was a very steep learning curve initially! But with education from some of the most knowledgable and trusted pet nutrition experts in the industry:

I was able to find my way. And so will you! Most noteworthy, when I look back, I really did it one day at a time! With the guidance of those trusted experts, noted above. Thank you to each one you!

In hindsight, I’m actually very thankful for that wake-up call. As a result, that one “kibble related incident” that landed Isabella at the emergency vet, with a life-threatening episode, was just one of the many harmful things I would come to learn about kibble.

Today the learning curve is not as steep, for those that want to jump in and get started. Because of tools like Animal Diet Formulator that takes the guesswork out of creating nutritionally complete recipes. Animal Diet Formulator (ADF) is a program created by Steve Brown, Dog Nutrition Expert (mentioned above), and is now maintained by the Royal Animal Health University (RAHU). With ADF, I can formulate balanced meals for Isabella, with 100% peace of mind.

Here I am today. Feeding a fresh, species-appropriate, nutritionally complete diet. As an informed pet parent I want to share our journey from kibble to fresh food with other pet parents who want to be informed.

Dog choosing raw over kibble

Dog choosing raw over kibble

In this Blog Series:

  1. Why choose fresh food vs. kibble for my dog? Why no more kibble?
  2. What abruptly opened my eyes, our story
  3. Why kibble is not the best choice for health & longevity

    24 Dangerous Ingredients. Kibble is not a species-appropriate diet.  Kibble causes inflammation & disease.

  4. The basic guidelines of feeding a fresh, species-appropriate, nutritionally complete diet. Including, the hardest vitamins and minerals to fill in a home-prepared diet. What to watch for.

It’s my sincere hope you will find something that resonates with you! And helps move you forward to making, even more, good choices for your Cherished Hound.

Before you start any new protocol with your dog, particularly if they are on medication, or suffering from an acute illness or condition, you MUST check with your veterinarian before starting any new protocol.  Please do not use the content from this blog in place of veterinary care!

I love connecting with pet parents. You might even see the answer to your question in an upcoming blog article! Feel free to reach out, and be sure to stay tuned for more!

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Why Choose Fresh Food vs. Kibble?

About the author: Cherished Hounds Person I’am a dog health blogger and devoted dog mom with 14 years of experience creating optimal health for her dog. My goal is to help fellow dog owners manage an IVDD diagnosis, prevent IVDD episodes, make healthy diet choices and lifestyle changes with the goal of creating optimal health for your dog!

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