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Here you will find my go-to resources. Like Cherished Hound’s trusted (local) veterinarians. How to make complete and balanced homemade meals, with peace of mind.  Well-researched products and IVDD protocols we use to prevent IVDD episodes. My go-to experts in the dog health community who educate me every day on creating optimal health for my Cherished Hound.


Specialty Veterinary Services

Local Pet Services We Love

Super Hero’s Doing Great Work

Laser Therapy

Purchase My Pet Laser for at Home Therapy

To obtain the results Cherished Hound has achieved using our custom protocol as outlined in the article “Laser Therapy for IVDD Dogs: Best Protocols”.

To request a quote for My Pet Laser you have 2 easy options (Approx. price $2995 USD, price is subject to change, a formal quote is required)

  1.  Request a quote online using a desk top computer at Request A Quote | My Pet Laser please use the special code CherishedHound2019.  This code is to be placed in the form field that asks for a “Company Name”. In the form field that asks for “Medical Profession” choose ‘other’ or ‘patient’ from the drop down menu, unless one of the other available options apply to you. In the “business email” and “address” form fields you may use your personal email and personal address unless you have a business email/address OR
  2. You can contact Pam Manke at Multi Radiance Medical direct, either by telephone on her direct line at:  1-800-373-0955 xx 109 or by email at  Please reference special code CherishedHound2019.
Balance Home Made Meals with Top Quality Multivitamin & Mineral Supplements
feeding the dog - miniature dachshund and english bulldog puppy laying beside empty food dish waiting to be fed

Balance Homemade Meals for Your Pet with or without Vitamin and Mineral Mixes

Recipe Builders for | “Meal Mix” & “Hilary’s Blend”

Create Balanced Meals at Home Using Less Supplements

Dog Health Sites and Blogs

Well Researched & Loved Dog Products

    • Actistatin® Joint Supplement | Large Bites

    • Earth Bath Wipes All Natural Grooming Wipes & Foam

Facebook Groups and Pages

Books on Raw Feeding

    • Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet | Steve Brown

    • RAW and NATURAL Nutrition for Dogs

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