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Our goal is to help dog owners make good nutrition & lifestyle choices, manage an IVDD diagnosis and prevent IVDD episodes with the ultimate goal of creating optimal health for your dog and mine!

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Blog Series #1: Why No More Kibble? Our Journey from Kibble to Fresh Feeding. November 25, 2019, I started the blog series: “Why Choose Fresh Food vs. Kibble” This is a question discerning pet parents are asking more and more. And for good reasons! Above all, you want to make the best choices for your […] Read more

Blog Series Introduction: I will answer this question for you in this blog series. Why choose fresh food vs. kibble (raw vs. kibble) for my dog? This is a question discerning pet parents are asking more and more. And for good reasons! Above all, you want to make the best choices for your dog. After […] Read more

In this post, you will learn the top 20 tips to prevent IVDD episodes. When you get an IVDD diagnosis it becomes clear very quickly that you need to look at better ways to manage daily life with your IVDD dog. Also, if you have a dog that has not been diagnosed with IVDD but […] Read more

We love love, love our Dogger™, the ultimate dog stroller. I had never thought about a doggie stroller before. Not until we got our IVDD diagnosis in August 2017. I quickly realized a dog stroller was going to be one of our new essential tools! It has become one of our best friends! I started […] Read more

Free Download | DAILY WELLNESS CHART: Track Medications, Supplements, Laser Therapy, Exercise Etc. I rotate homemade recipes that don’t require a multivitamin and mineral supplement in order to be balanced with recipes that do require a multivitamin and mineral supplement.  And I rotate Isabella’s proteins, 3 minimum. Using this method promotes variety and is a […] Read more

In February 2018, I decided to choose at-home laser therapy for managing Isabella’s IVDD. Above all, I was looking for something that would treat her pain and inflammation without medications (especially NSAID’s non-steroidal anti-inflammatory’s). This article will enlighten you on the practical use of laser therapy for IVDD dogs. And the many other conditions it is […] Read more


This page contains complete and balanced meal recipes & some natural remedies for dogs. You will need to scroll for the recipes.  I feed a raw fresh food diet. In order to achieve balance over time, it is important to rotate a minimum of 3 proteins. I try not to feed more than 50% chicken. […] Read more

Looking to give your cherished hound the best quality of life after an IVDD diagnosis? Read on! Details on Purchasing My Pet Laser can be found at the close of this article. This is the laser I use and highly recommended.  Laser Therapy is Effective for IVDD Dogs Dogs are individuals. Clearly, this is one […] Read more