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Flat Fish / Sole Recipe for Dogs

Low calorie flatfish/sole. This recipe is a Hilary's Blend recipe.
Total Time2 hrs
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Calories: 27kcal


  • 185 grams Blueberries, raw
  • 91 grams Broccoli, raw, chopped finely or pureed, best to use a food processor
  • 110 grams Carrots, raw, grated or pureed, best to use a food processor
  • 101 grams Celery, raw, chopped finely or pureed, best to use a food processor
  • 2 grams Cod liver oil
  • 460 grams Flatfish/sole, cooked lightly pouched (323 grams cooked)
  • 63 grams Honey
  • 18 grams Safflower oil
  • 61 grams Tomato sauce, canned
  • 31 grams Yogurt, plain, low fat
  • 15 grams Hilary's Blend supplement


  • Poach fish until it flakes easily.
    poached sole for Hilary's Blend recipe
  • Pulse blueberries, broccoli, carrots, celery, honey, cod liver oil and safflower oil to small kernels.
    dice veggies for hilarys blend recipe
  • Add Hilary's Blend supplement to the tomato sauce and mix thoroughly.
    hilarys blend supplement
  • Stir all ingredients together. Serve and freeze remaining portions.


This recipe has 98 kcal/100 grams or 27 kcal/oz.  This recipe is complete and balanced when using Hilary's Blend supplement. 
I use a food processor to finely mince the broccoli & carrots. Dogs can’t digest cellulose in vegetables. So, it’s important to break the cell wall of the veggies so they are able to get the nutrients from the vegetable content. This recipe is balanced only when Hilary’s Blend Supplement is used and recipe INGREDIENTS and recipe AMOUNTS are followed.
I choose to (poach) the fish because raw fish contains an enzyme (thiaminase) which can break down vitamin B1, causing vitamin B1 deficiency. Cooking the fish eliminates this enzyme.